Window treatment ideas that will go well with your farmhouse decor

Window treatments can make a great addition to any space. However, it cannot be easy to choose the right one. After you have determined where and what the window treatment should be placed, it is time to choose a set that will look great in your home. This is a difficult task, even if you draw inspiration from the most popular designs.

The farmhouse design has been a huge hit in recent years. Popularity doesn’t necessarily make it easier to design. If you have ever tried to build a charming farmhouse on your own, you will know that popularity can be both an asset and a disadvantage. You’ll find tons of farmhouse designs as you shop for curtains. It can be time-consuming to go through all the inspiration, and you might repeatedly look at the same ideas.

We’ve collected some farmhouse window treatments that you should bookmark to save yourself from endless inspiration scrolls. These ideas range from the classic (hanging frilly curtains on your kitchen’s windows) to the creative (draping curtains with sticks).

A Pretty Print Sets the Scene

Curtains are a great way of setting the tone for any space. It would be best to consider how you want your space to feel and then choose the curtains that best suit you. A set of printed curtains can make a space feel more spacious. You can achieve classic country charm by sticking to a traditional print, such as a delicate floral.

A Woven Roman Shade can add texture to your room

You’ll find many textures in farmhouse design: shiny metals, rustic wooden, cozy textiles and more. Why not let your window treatments have some fun too? A Roman shade made of woven fabric can be hung over the kitchen window to add texture and texture. Shades can be used to block the afternoon sun and add some rustic charm to your space.

Sleek white drapes keep it simple

White curtains are timeless in any home and look great in a modern farmhouse with light fixtures. The curtains will blend in well with white walls and should look great with rustic elements.

You can add a pop of color to your kitchen

Curtains are a great way of adding color to a space. They can be as subtle as or as bold as you like. A pastel Roman shade can be paired with white interiors for a softer look. The curtain’s light color should add interest to the space but not overwhelm your palette.

Hang Curtains from a Branch

Do you want to get all rustic? Hang curtains from a branch. Find suitable sticks in your yard. Next, place each stick over a window of the same size. You may be able to mount your sticks on brackets for curtain rods, depending on their shape. Suspend them using ribbons or ceiling hooks.

Introduce a new pattern to your space

Curtains don’t need to match any other items in the room. You can experiment with different patterns and colors. Start with your current space. Next, find colors and prints to complement your existing space.

If you are unsure, stick with traditional gingham, especially if it is rendered in a washed-out shade.

Use matching blinds for every window

Curtains are a great way of dividing your space. You can create a feeling of distinctness in each room by hanging printed curtains in one room and textured shades in another. After choosing the right shades for your dining area, be sure to line all windows. You can then create a visual border by hanging different curtains inside your kitchen.

Leave Your Curtains Unhemmed

You can make your curtains look rustic by leaving them unhemmed. Although hems are not something, you consider when buying curtains, they can be a good option. (Hem may not be on the top of your list after color, texture, length, and print. This surprising detail will make your space seem more rustic and textured.

Warmth is added with Ivory Roman Shades

White is a timeless curtain color. If warmth is your preference, you might consider hanging ivory shades instead. The curtains will warm up your space as soon as they are hung since ivory has yellow undertones. They will shine when the light begins to stream through them. Your shades should reflect sunlight, resulting in a warm glow that fills your home with warmth.

A Frilly Swag can be hung in your kitchen

Although you may not have heard of them before, they are almost certain you’ve seen them. Swags are high-low curtains with a narrow center and long edges popular in country homes. A frilly option can be hung in the kitchen window to create a cozy atmosphere.

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