Why hire a renovation builder for your home renovation rather than a new house builder

It is important to set a goal for the best possible outcome, both in terms of cost and quality, at the beginning of any renovation project. This means hiring a skilled renovation builder who is familiar with the job and has the expertise to complete it on time and within budget.

Renovations to a home are very different from new builds. As such, the skills required to complete each type are quite different.

To successfully mix old and new, match materials and comply to all applicable legislation in relation to renovations or additions, one must have a thorough understanding of the various construction methods used over the past 100 years.

A team of skilled builders, contractors, and project managers can make renovations successful in all aspects. This is what makes the difference between a short-term budget and a final result.

What’s the difference between a home renovator and a new builder?

It is a big business to build new homes. Builders often see building new homes as their main business and consider renovation work a sideline. Specialist home renovation builders are different to new home builders because they have the expertise, knowledge and skills that are needed.

We spoke to some of the nation’s most respected renovation builders in sydney to find out why they are so different from new home builders. Refresh Renovations is a company which pioneered a new category in the construction industry through its renovation specialists and has a growing international reputation.

Home renovation contractor

A new home is a blank canvas, so you’re starting from scratch. Wayne says that renovations are often associated with demolition. This means you have to work within the existing floor, ceiling, and roof heights.

“Our subcontractors and builders are experts in renovations. This is their expertise. It’s not easy to make old meet new. There’s harmony and a real skill involved. Materials can change and the building methods used in an existing structure may be outdated. You may also face obstacles from electrical and plumbing services.

“Renovation specialists are different because they understand older construction methods and work with houses from five to 120 years of age.

There is no one way to deal with these situations. It is up to you to be able and willingly adapt your knowledge and skills to meet the needs of each client. Unexpected problems may arise when you remove floor and wall linings. These problems can be quickly resolved with the right experience and minimize costs for clients.

It is important to hire a home renovator to complete your renovation.

It is important to set a goal for the best possible outcome, both in terms of cost and quality, at the beginning of any renovation project. This means hiring a skilled renovation builder who is familiar with the job and has the expertise to complete it on time and within budget.

It’s not as easy as choosing the first builder to do your renovations.

Before you sign a contract to work on your house, there are many things that you should consider.

Delivering projects on time and keeping prices low

Matt Steele, Refresh New Zealand’s national operations manager, says that the building market is fragmented and there are many builders with different skill sets. It is also possible to find sub-trades such as electricians or plumbers, which can be difficult to access during busy times. Refresh is a well-known company that offers access to subcontractors. This helps avoid costly delays.

A larger company can offer advantages in terms of timing. A larger company can also lower the cost of renovations because they have the buying power to negotiate with suppliers, which is something smaller builders do not have.

Matt says that Refresh offers a fixed-price model which ensures clients have certainty about their costs. We are able to achieve this because we invest in detailed designs in the early stages. This allows us to be confident in our pricing, and can significantly reduce variation in the latter stages.

The renovation process simplified

Refresh follows a six-stage process. It begins with a briefing meeting to get to know the clients and their budget. Next, it’s time for the concept stage. This is where the initial concept is created in collaboration with clients. This stage is where the client and the designer spend a lot of time communicating with each other to make sure the concept meets their expectations and fits within their budget. After the finalization of the concept, costs are calculated. The quote is then generated, followed by the construction stage and finally completion. It can be difficult to navigate the renovation process. Matt explains that these steps make it easier to navigate the process.

Chris Caiger,  says that this is why clients use Refresh to save money. Concept plans are essential in order to fully understand the cost, time and feasibility of a renovation. Chris states that every renovation is unique. Therefore, it is important to begin building the concept plan. This will include both what is already there and what is brand new. Then, you will need to calculate the square metre cost. This will give you an indication of a realistic cost. Next, you will need to cost those plans with detailed drawings. All finishes are selected and finalized at this stage.

Chris estimates that it takes 40 to 70 hours to review a set plan and get an accurate quote. A typical builder will not spend that much time. He will simply say what he believes it will be and then he will be completely wrong.

Chris says that the main factors that affect the price of a renovation include the design, the size, and the quality. The only variable that can affect the cost of a renovation is its efficiency, or in other words how well it is managed. This includes how the tradespeople are managed. The usual approach to project management is chaotic. There are many decisions that need to be made throughout the project, which can dramatically impact the cost. We avoid this by making sure that a detailed plan is in place before we start building. Refresh manages the entire project, rather than a traditional builder where there are many people involved and one person who coordinates them. This allows you to save time and money.

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