What Does an Elephant Statue Mean at the Front Door?

You may have considered Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of creating balance and flow in your home. This ancient Chinese practice promotes decluttering and organizing your items to bring positive energy into your design space. This practice also encourages figurines to bring good luck, such as dragons, Mandarin Ducks or Elephants.

Why is there an elephant at the front door?

The elephant symbolizes fertility, good fortune, and power in many cultures. Decorating goes beyond the surface level of style because feng-shui is deliberate about where items are placed in the home.

Elephants in front of the house, at the entrance can have two meanings.

  • A statue of an elephant in the foyer, facing away from the front door, brings good luck to the house.
  • The house is protected by an elephant that faces toward the door. It protects your home from all kinds of negative energy.

Elephant statues are great for decor, even if they’re placed intentionally. Brass is the most common material, but you can find them in many other materials.

Elephants are essential in other places.

Elephant statues are not only for the entranceway. Elephant figurines are suitable for a variety of places, according to Housing.com.

At the office. The elephant statue represents wisdom and power. It is intended to energize your workspace. Keep a picture or a figure on your wall near the office door.

In the living room. Elephants can strengthen family bonds by placing them in a play area for children or family space.

Decor in a Bedroom An Elephant emphasizes loyalty and love. Elephants symbolize knowledge in a child’s bedroom and can help them succeed academically.

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