What are the most important things to avoid when using a small bathroom? These are eight common mistakes that can ruin your space and how to correct them

Knowing what to avoid and include when remodeling your small bathroom is essential. While some bathroom design mistakes can be fixed or ignored easily, it can be challenging to live with minor bathroom errors that are costly, disruptive, and time-consuming.

Small bathroom ideas are best when clever planning is involved. This includes everything from layout and fitting choices to color and materials. Even a small bathroom can feel spacious, elegant, and functional. It’s easy for people to forget the importance of a well-planned bathroom.

Small bathroom tile ideas can be limited in space, but they are still available. Small bathroom designs that incorporate tile finishes are the best.

‘Glazed tiles are reflective and allow light to bounce around. This makes the room appear lighter and gives the illusion of a larger space.’ Ruth Webber, creative director at Bert & June (opens in new tab). The shower room’s jewel-toned tiles maximize the light coming from the skylight. Geometric floor tiles increase color and brightness.

If your bathroom has high ceilings, you should make the most of them and draw the eye upwards instead of downwards.

Find ways to celebrate a bathroom with a good height. Romo’s design manager Becky Brown says that wallcoverings can add depth and dimension to a bathroom. The main goal of expanding a room is to draw the eyes outward. The focal point of a design should be higher than the rest as it falls down the paper. This will emphasize the feeling of space.

Bathrooms have always been about practical, smooth surfaces. However, tactile finishes are aesthetically pleasing and add visual style to small bathrooms.

Although they have an impressive effect, pale colors can be too stark in bathrooms with their hard surfaces. Ellen Cumber, director of Golden Design, says it is essential to find clever ways to make surfaces that can be used only for beautiful things, such as this floating shelf. The shelf is made from the same tactile tiles as the walls, giving it a clean, modern look.

A well-chosen small bath floor, backsplash, or wall will make a significant investment in a luxury bathroom.

Book-matching can be a great way to increase the decorative impact of luxury stone while also increasing space. This corner shower features eight pieces of rock cut from the same block. Maria Speake, the founder of Retrouvius, says that bringing the marble floor to ceiling without any visible junction lines helps draw the eye upwards, making the space seem larger.

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