Wetting Agents Are Very Valuable for Turf

Sometimes, the soil is too heavy or too much thatch. This can make it difficult for water to reach the surface, leading to dry patches and other problems. A wetting agent decreases water retention and maintains optimal moisture levels within the root zone.

What are wetting agents?

Surfactants are also known as wetting agents. These substances can be used to increase soil penetration and spread liquids. These substances lower the soil surface tension, which makes it easier for liquid fertilizers and pesticides to spread across the area and reach the roots.

Many gardeners use wetting agents to move nutrients and water into the soil. This helps the plants grow stronger and more healthy.

Golf courses are often treated with wetting agents. They are used to water turfgrass on recreational and sod farms.

Three Top Turf Wetting Agents

These wetting agents can be tank-mixed in with many other turf chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Although they offer similar benefits, each has different active ingredients depending on the soil media and intended use.

Acquire(r) Wetting Agent

Acquire is a soil and turf wetting agent that contains all non-plant food ingredients. It also contains a 100 per cent mix of alkoxylated liquors. It is a non-phytotoxic, water-repellent wetting agent that can control dry spots and prevent them from becoming severe. It is the ideal wetting agent to maintain turf and prevent turf loss.

The formula reduces water surface tension and optimizes precipitation and irrigation water balance. This promotes healthy plant growth. The Aquicare wetting agent resists excessive water retention at soil surfaces while maintaining optimal moisture levels in the root zones. This can help to provide a firmer and healthier playing surface for golf courses and other high-maintenance turf sites.

Aquilo(r) Plus Wetting Agent

Aquilo Plus, a soil wetting agent, contains alcohol ethoxylates and alkyl-aryl sulfonate. It is a multipurpose surfactant that reduces the water surface tension and improves rainwater movement and irrigation. Hydrophobic soils can be treated and prevented by using them. It reduces soil repellency and surface tension.

Aquilo Plus is a wetting agent used on all golf course turf. It can also be used on commercial turf, sports turfgrass and sod farms. This will reduce the need for watering while maintaining high-quality turf. It can also be used in soilless media or the soils around ornamental plants.

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