Use Pendant Lighting to Brighten Your Space

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of lighting fixtures available. The pendant light is a simple way to add light to a space. It can be hung from the ceiling on a cord and looks great. You can turn the pendant lights in groups for more light.

There are many styles of pendant lights, including the modern-inspired Sputnik chandelier and the lantern-friendly lantern. There’s also the traditional black metal pendant light. Continue reading to discover different pendant lighting options for other spaces and styles.


Do you want to give some dimension to a space that is otherwise very soft? A geometric pendant light is a great way to add dimension to a room. For a modern touch, a pendant light surrounded by a trapezoidal or square cage adds an elegant modern touch to any space.

All Natural

In a brightly colored space, a pendant light covered in wicker or reeds can add a bohemian or tropical touch. Woven wicker is a better choice than a grassy-looking one for a more earthy appearance.

You can choose a pendant light with bulbs and no lampshades. This modern, minimalist look is excellent for mid-century homes and ultra-contemporary spaces.

Get a Sputnik look

A Sputnik chandelier is another modern option. It hangs from the ceiling and has crisscrossed lights on metal arms. This retro-styled light fixture makes a great addition to any living or dining area.

Install a Sleeker Sputnik

Are you looking for something a little more sophisticated? A Sputnik light fixture has a starburst design with many thin metal arms that protrude from the center. This light is elegant with a mid-century twist.

Double it up

Pairing smaller pendant lights looks excellent. The light fixture will stand out more if it is repeated in pairs. It also helps to prevent it from becoming lost in a bigger space. A double pendant light is a great way to highlight a more extended countertop or table.

Tall and skinny are the best choices

Pendant lights don’t have to be circular. They can also be made from narrow cylinders. A tiny pendant light is best paired with other pendant lights or used as a standalone fixture in a narrow hallway or half-bath.

Frosted Glass: Fall is the season

A frosted glass pendant lamp will give you a subtle, historic look without making it stand out. These semi-opaque pendants can diffuse light like no other.

Let There Be Light

Are you looking for a light shade that is less concerned with diffusing and more focused on creating exciting shadows or patterns? A wicker pendant light made with an open weave is a good choice. Once the shade is turned on, its gaps and holes produce a speckled diffused light effect.

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