Unique Decor Ideas Above Your Fireplace

You know the basics of furnishing your home. You are familiar with decorating your walls and filling your rooms with furniture. You may need help finding the right decor for those areas that are less common, like above your fireplace. How can you creatively decorate the fireplace mantel? How can you decorate a fireplace that sits against a blank wall?

You’re not the only one who needs to decorate his fireplace. This feat has been done many times before. There are great ideas for decorating fireplaces.

We’ve collected some of the most beautiful fireplaces and narrowed down a few decor ideas worth copying.

A bunch of matching vases can be arranged.

Vases are a great addition to empty shelves and corners. They will look great on your mantel. You can get a few in matching colors and arrange them unevenly.

Mount a set of statement sconces.

Sconces are often seen as supporting players. If you can score a bold and striking set, they will steal the show. It would be best if you didn’t frame an extensive and aggressive collection of sconces. Let them stand alone.

A fantastic work of art?

Many mantel decor ideas have been tried and true. But what about the classics? You can mount a painting above the fireplace. This method is loved because it works every time. You can also mount a picture lamp directly above your image to give it a unique finishing touch.

Propagate Some Plants

Consider using your fireplace to propagate plants if it is located in a well-lit area. You can place beautiful cuttings in small glass vases and decorate your mantel. These simple additions will make your mantel look decorated. You’ll also be able to grow new plants.

Choose a striking color for your walls.

You can decorate walls without hanging decorations. How? You can paint them with a fun color. You can pair your fireplace with walls in a bold color like bright yellow, navy Blue, or emerald. You can either leave the walls as they are or add decor. They’re sure to make a statement.

Install an extended shelf.

Some fireplaces are centered on one wall. Others are not. You don’t have to put your fireplace on a wall if your mantel is not. This extra-wide shelf can be topped with books, art, or other material. Even if it’s empty, it will be a talking point.

Layer two Framed Pieces

Sometimes it can be challenging to choose one piece of art. Display two pieces instead. Place both pieces on your mantel; the enormous amount is hidden behind the smaller one.

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