Top 15 Tips For Planning A Kitchen Renovation Or New Kitchen

This is the most important room in your house, so make sure you do it right. We’ve got your back! For a complete list of things you should consider before embarking on your kitchen renovations in Cairns, read on.

Here are 15 top tips to plan a kitchen remodel or a new kitchen.

1. Are you looking to renovate your entire kitchen?
It is easy to get too excited about the idea of a new kitchen. If budget is a concern, you might consider a partial remodel. It might be as simple as replacing the cabinetry or the benchtop. Perhaps a simple change in the cupboard doors is enough to replace everything. Maybe a coat of paint is enough if your joinery is in good condition. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.

2. Are you going to need to replace your kitchen appliance?
If budget is an issue, you can update your kitchen by simply replacing your existing appliances. A full renovation may be in your future. Make sure you do thorough research on what you require before you start work. This will ensure that cabinet makers can accommodate your items and the dimensions of your items. To maximize savings, you might consider buying a lot of big-ticket items from the same manufacturer.

3. Kitchen Function, Function, Function!
This is a crucial point that we cannot stress enough: your kitchen should be the most user-friendly and functional room in your house. Consider practicalities such as’set-down space’ for microwaves and ovens when planning your space. A general rule of thumb is to allow 375mm of countertop between a refrigerator and a stovetop. Consider where you’ll be cooking your meals. It makes sense to have bins and a sink nearby.

4. Kitchen thoroughfares should flow
Consider how people will use the kitchen. If you can, allow plenty of space for everyone to move. The kitchen should have a minimum of 900mm width. The cooking zone should have paths that are at least 1050mm wide. Your fridge should be placed in an area where it is easily accessible by both drive-by grazers and those who are cooking in the area. You should also consider how the doors open and close. If you open your dishwasher, for instance, you don’t want it to block half of the kitchen and make it difficult to reach. Over-head cabinets are a different story – nobody likes to poke their eyes!

5. Before you start, think about the plumbing and electricity in your kitchen.
Although it may sound easy, this is probably the most important thing to remember when renovating a kitchen. Consider where your plumbing lines are located if you plan to renovate an existing space. The same goes for electricity points. Before you start work on adding an island bench or laying a new floor, ensure that the plumbing and electricity are connected to it. This could be costly to correct.

6. Which area will you plug in?
You should think about where you want electricity points to be placed. Before you begin work, plan all of these. Think about the appliances you will use frequently and where they should be placed. Make sure your washer/dryer is compliant with code and compatible with existing kitchen appliances like stoves, microwaves, and other cooking tools. Don’t forget powerpoints for island benches – they are invaluable!

7. Make the kitchen a focal point
It can be overwhelming to design a kitchen. It is a good idea to decide what focal point you want for your kitchen. Is it an island bench? Are you looking to make a statement? Do you want a statement light? Once you have an idea, you can design your cabinets and benchtops around that.

8. Arrange your kitchen range
It’s important to have a sense of place around your stovetop and cooktop. After all, this is where you will spend most of your time. This is especially important if you are making risotto. Make sure you have all the condiments and sauces within easy reach. Also, make sure to include a place for your most frequently used utensils on the stove. It is a great place to think about how you will store your knives. Do you have enough space for a block? Is it more practical to magnetally attach them to a strip on the splashback?

9. Your own “Chef’s line”
This is the part of a restaurant where chefs are assembling your food. You should consider adding an island bench to your home. These benches create a focal point and encourage people to gravitate to them. Make sure that your island includes cooking and meal prep areas. Having a higher section for guests to sit down at is a good idea.

10. Kitchen cleaning made easy
You want to make life easier. Make sure you plan how you will clean your kitchen. Wooden benches placed around sinks may look great, but will they last? They will stain. Will they stain? Don’t forget about cabinetry finishes. If you choose a ‘glossy finish, consider the possibility of sticky hand prints and plan accordingly.

11. Get your kitchen bins in order
Although it may seem simple, this is an important question. Where will your bins go? Do you plan to incorporate them into your cabinetry or have one of your own in the room? If yes, where will it go? We prefer to have bins located under food prep areas and designated areas for recycling. A slide-out bin system is the best option if you want to make it as simple as possible to dispose of your refuse.

12. Consider little hands
Consider how your children will interact with the space if you have young children. Be aware that children grow! It’s impossible to create a safe and secure kitchen for your children. Vigilance is the key! You can make your kitchen safer by placing the cooktops away from high-traffic areas. Make sure that your microwaves are not too high. They can cause severe burns and pose a danger to the skin. Microwaves too low can make it difficult for small hands to grab them.

13. Add a message center for the kitchen
This is especially important if you are designing a family-friendly kitchen. A pin-up, chalkboard, or whiteboard can be a great addition to the kitchen. They should be placed above a surface that can double as a place to write. You can use the pad and pen to make shopping lists or notes. If you are a bit more tech-savvy, ensure your Alexa or any other smart home technology has a place to rest.

14. Take a look at your kitchen corners
A corner cupboard is not something anyone likes. They’re just a place to store all the stuff that you don’t need. It’s hard to find the right tools in such a cramped space. You can opt for built-in gadgets if you need a corner cabinet. You can store pots and pans here. However, swing-out mechanisms are a good idea so that you can quickly turn around to find what you need. Corner cupboards should not bang against each other when they are open at the same moment – this is our pet peeve!

15. Are you really going to use that kitchen butler’s cupboard?
Butler’s pantries are beautiful and make great sense if you entertain often. If you don’t have one, you should seriously consider whether you will need one. They can be expensive additions (extra fridge, additional sink, etc.). If you are limited on budget and don’t know how often you will use the space, you might consider making it multi-functional. It’s great for computers at home, as well as for homework. You can also store your crafting supplies in this area.

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