Tips to Make the Most of Your Edge Protection System

Even when working at a height that is as low as possible, there are inherent risks to roof work. Over two-thirds (67%) of New Zealand’s falls occur from roofs or ladders. Regulations in New Zealand have changed to reflect this statistic.

Roof edge protection systems offer the best safety for you and your employees. Save Ya Roofing offers some tips on how to make the most of edge protection.

Plan ahead

You’ll need edge protection if you plan to work on a rooftop. Being prepared will ensure you have everything you need before you start. Contact edge-protection suppliers early to ensure that your project is not delayed.

Install Early

Edge protection will be beneficial to a wide range of people, from contractors to subcontractors to building workers. Edge protection is a great way to make your worksite more efficient, streamlined and productive. It also keeps all workers safe.

Install the correct software

The effectiveness of a safety precaution depends on its installation. For edge protection to work correctly, it must be installed correctly. This is why you need to find a company who offers versatile protection that can be easily installed on different sites.

Edge protection is not all the same

When it comes to protecting your workers, you deserve the best. If you need edge protection, choose a company that is reputable and understands safety requirements.

Save Ya Roofing is the most reliable and versatile system for roof edge protection. It was designed, engineered, and tested in New Zealand.

Everyone should be protected

Edge protection is a must for workers who have to climb up onto a roof. It could be anything from roofers to painters to property inspectors.

Edge-protection systems offer added safety to those on the ground. It protects clients, pedestrians and workers on the ground from falling materials. Save Ya Roofing offers a screen solution that goes behind the handrails to protect people from being struck by smaller objects or tools.

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