In modern homes, the bathroom ranks second to the kitchen in terms of construction costs per square meter. Bathroom renovations and new bathroom construction require a lot of care.

Even the most beautiful bathrooms can be ruined by using cheap tiles or sanitary ware, or even worse, seconds that are marketed to a public unaware. Fixing a tiling mistake can be expensive, messy, and disruptive, even if the tiles are slightly different sizes.

It’s important to hire a professional who has the experience and ensure that the job is done the first time correctly. To maximize the impact of a good design, you need highly-skilled and experienced tradesmen.

It is difficult to find good tradesmen.

Check out tile suppliers that are geared towards contractors instead of going to retail tile showrooms and bathrooms. These outlets will know more about who is doing premium work.

Consider hiring a tiling contractors in auckland who specializes in commercial work. Because a lot of tiled surfaces are used for commercial buildings, they have the most experience. You should politely refuse any cheap offers from carpenters, workers, or other non-experts who are already working in your home to tile or renovate bathrooms.

As soon as you have some names, you can start to qualify them by checking their insurance status. This is the same thing you would do with any contractor. If you are looking for bathroom and tile fitters, make sure they have been in business for at least three years. This is the minimum time needed to build up a toolkit and track record for quality work. Check references and ask for them.

What to look out for in their former jobs.

Keep in mind when viewing the past work of a contractor on site that each tile will be exactly the same as the next. Look for consistent spacing between joints. Next, focus on the layout of the bathroom. Is it balanced?

The best tilers start in the middle of a room so that the tiles cut at the opposite ends of a pattern are the same size. Check doorways, corners, and windows. Pay attention to odd angles on the skirting boards or trim. Check the walls and sanitary ware to make sure there are no water or grout stains.

A second way to find out if a tiler is qualified is to ask if you could visit a job site. When you arrive, take note of the level of organization. To take advantage of adhesives and mortars that dry quickly, tilers must work quickly. Verify that the tiler is using some sort of dust containment plastic to seal off the work area. Check that the contractor uses tape to protect wood trim, appliances, or bathtubs.

What is the pricing and estimation process?

Avoid the temptation to buy the cheapest item. Cheap items are often not worth the price. Re-tiling and renovating bathrooms can be expensive and cause delays in project completion. Be wary of anyone who boasts about being cheaper or has a friend who can provide top quality tiles at a lower price. In this current economic climate, most contractors of high quality are very busy and might not be available for a short time. Very rarely do they negotiate the price.

Be sure to check that the cost includes all preparatory work, including the removal of all units and tiles, as well as the protection of the area. The price should also include protecting the remainder of the property against damage or dust.

Who purchases the materials and sanitary ware?

The majority of contractors prefer to supply the materials. Don’t worry. They can make money with their professional discount and charge you less or the same as you would for tiles. With so many different tile finishes, edge treatments, porosity ratings, and types of tiles, it’s better to have them provide and take responsibility for quality. Plus, any failure of the material should be the responsibility of your installer, not you.

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