Tile Fireplace Ideas Will Make You Say Goodbye to Brick

Your fireplace will always be the focal point of any room, no matter how small or large. The fireplace is a focal point of your space and should not be considered a source of heat but rather a way to add cool to your home. Cool, we have tile in all colors, prints, and materials as our current chimney cover.

Although tile is often used in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, it can also be used as a beautiful design addition to your fireplace. Glass or ceramic tiles can give your bedroom or living room a unique, beautiful look that we aren’t used to.

You can update an existing chimney structure or add a traditional hearth to your modern build.

Line Subway Tile with White Grout

A few simple changes can modernize an old hearth. This modern space looks great with this white-on-white subway tile façade paired with glass fireplace doors.

A Neutral Interior can be Enhanced

You don’t have to stare at your chimney’s ash stained interior anymore. No chimney sweep can make it look tidy. Make sure you choose fire-safe tiles like ceramic or stone.

Install Sky-High Tiles

If you have high ceilings, don’t let your fireplace down. This is both literal and figuratively. To make your room appear taller and modern, you can use a floor to ceiling tile installation to elongate it.

Choose from 50 shades of gray chevron tile

Instead of installing tiles in a horizontal direction that is obvious, you can turn them at 45 degrees to create a zigzag pattern (also known as chevron). The chevron-pattern tiles that frame your minimalistic fireplace make it look modern. This is especially true in this combination of steel, silver and dark gray tones.

Blue and white Star-Print Tiles

Just a simple pattern tile placed at the foot of your fireplace will add style and flair. The star-shaped tile with a star print on the step up of this fireplace ties together coastal decor and highlights blue and white.

Enjoy Pearly Ceramic Tiles

The pearlescent ceramic tiles in this living room add a stunning shine to the contrast with the matte blue builtins. Interior design at its best is also the way that it blends in soft, sandy colors of taupe, beige, and without overshadowing the decor.

Use black chevron tile with white grout

You’re wrong if you don’t see your grout in a design element. This stunning living room uses black chevron tiles and white grout to give it the appearance of a rug right in front of the fireplace. This small space is truly a work of art when grout is used to create contrast.

Gray tiles can be used in large quantities

Concrete slabs are not a match for these large, matte gray ceramic tiles. They have a subtle gradient and can be sized up to a foot in size. This modern fireplace adds a unique element to the rustic, traditional living space.

Contrast traditional tile with marble

This earthy eclectic living room maintains integrity through the design of the modern-meets-traditional fireplace. You get the best of both the traditional tile and the marble slab at the fireplace’s foot.

Stack Royal Blue Subway tiles

You can’t go wrong with color when it comes to tile design. This colorful space feels right at home with this subway tile in royal blue.

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