Tile and Grout Cleaning

No matter how much we try, there is always an area in our homes that just doesn’t seem clean enough. This area is often our grout and tile. Tile can get discolored and dingy over time. Even though regular mopping is a good idea, cleaning grout and tile can become arduous and time-consuming, especially if you have to do it manually.

Because grout and tile are porous, dirt, grease, and other cleaning agents can easily get into grout lines making them difficult to clean. They will remove any particulates that may have accumulated in grout lines. The grout and tile cleaning process we use will eliminate the hard-to-clean residues over time. You’ll have sparkling clean tiles! Take a look at our tile and grout cleaning services before-and-after photos and videos taken by our technicians in the field. You will be impressed!

Tile and Grout Cleaning Method
It’s simple and quick. Our IICRC-certified technicians will inspect the grout and tile upon arrival. The technicians will then apply a grout treatment, which will break down stubborn contaminants. Our technicians will then use a special agitation brush to clean away years of grout line buildup. After this step, your grout and tile will be ready to undergo a deep cleaning using our truck mounted hot water extraction system. Our truck-mounted hot-water extraction system allows us to extract and clean your grout and tile with just one step. After the technician achieves the desired result, the technician will dry the tile by hand and then apply the protective sealant. You can see the entire process in our 30-second video below.

Applying Sealant
Sealant application is crucial to maintain a clean floor with minimal maintenance. Staining is very easy on unsealed floors. Our penetrating sealant absorbs into grout and acts as a barrier to repel water and oil. This allows spillages to be absorbed rather than soaking in to grout, which could potentially cause grout discoloration. Our sealant will not make floors shiny or glossy, and it will not alter their anti-slip properties. After applying the sealant, it is best to stay off the tiles for at least two hours. Then, you can walk on them with either bare feet or socks. After the sealant has fully cured (normally 24 hours), furniture can be replaced. The results can last up to one year if you use the best cleaning products and methods available. This depends on how often you maintain your furniture and how much traffic it gets.

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