Interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke shares her top 4 bathroom remodel rules

Each month, we interview interior designers to find their top tips for designing a room.

We spoke with Naomi Astley Clarke, an interior designer. Naomi has nearly three decades of experience in the industry and shares her bathroom design tips to help you start your next remodel.

Designing a bathroom is a daunting task. It would help if you ensured that everything works together, that there is enough space, that the lighting is adequate, and that the colors you choose evoke the desired mood. Here are Naomi’s top design tips.

Bathroom lighting solutions should be functional to allow you to apply makeup and complete your skincare routines in bright task lights. The space should also provide a relaxing environment, allowing you to unwind and relax while taking a hot bubble bath.

To achieve multifunctional lighting, you can layer multiple types of bathroom lighting to create the best illumination. To develop balanced lighting throughout the space, pair a backlit mirror with a combination of wall light and pendant – perfect for morning routines. You have complete control over the lighting levels with dimmer switches.

Even if you’re not minimalist in other areas of your life, your bathrooms can be more organized and less cluttered. You can store more items in your bathroom, making it more peaceful. You can hide bottles, soap bars, and cleaning products in every bathroom vanity, including wall cabinets.

Once you have found a place for each item, you can create displays. You shouldn’t hide some bath and beauty products. They should be displayed on countertops and open shelves. Keeping it to a minimum is essential, or the space may feel cluttered.

If your bathroom is small, you will likely need to compromise. Before you start, create a list with the sanitaryware you want and then figure out how much space you have.

If one sink fits comfortably but two cramps the space, you should only have one. If a bathtub and shower enclosure takes up too much space, choose the most useful one. How to Plan a Bathroom can help you optimize space and create a relaxing, luxurious bathroom.

A bathroom should be a place for cleanliness and sanitation, but it doesn’t have to be sterile. Use color and texture to make your bathroom feel warm and inviting. Even though dark colors are discouraged in small rooms, dark bathrooms can create a more intimate and cozy space ideal for relaxation.

Use shiny brass or chrome brassware with white china sanitaryware to create balance. Finally, dress windows with neutral linen Roman blinds to add privacy and lift the space. A stylish heated towel rail will elevate your space. Ensure it’s within easy reach of your shower door or bubble bath.

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