Ideas for Festive Christmas Mantels to Make it Merry

You have many options for decorating your home for the holidays. Your mantel is one area you should pay attention to. Your mantel is the ideal place to display Christmas decorations. But it can also hold stockings. Continue reading for 30 Christmas-themed ways to brighten up your mantel.

Be Asymmetrical

A garland can be somewhat balanced. Asymmetrical spray can be used to spice up your Christmas decorations. To get the best look, place your garland’s thinnest section on the side that doesn’t have the draping garland. Let it grow slowly.

Remember other fireplaces.

You may have fireplaces in other rooms of your home. Make sure to decorate them for the holidays. You can use subtler, more elegant decor to make your bedroom feel less like a Christmas-topia.

Give a little Christmas cheer.

Add a little greenery to your Christmas decorations. A few greenery accents on a mantel can add holiday cheer and life to a room.

No Mantel? Do not Worry

Don’t worry if your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, as many mid-century ranches do. You can make your fireplace cozy enough, but add a Christmas touch to the room by placing your tree nearby.

Use Different Types Of Garland

Use multiple garlands to create a unique Christmas look. Add strands from a shorter, wispier spray, such as long-needle pine to your mantel as an accent.

Make your Stockings the Centerpiece

Stockings are often a mainstay of Christmas morning celebrations. Why not make stockings the centerpiece of your mantel? Use matching stockings and hooks to coordinate your stockings for a stunning look.

Match your stockings with your tree.

Your Christmas mantel decor should be in harmony with your holiday decorations. Matching your stockings with your Christmas tree is one way to achieve this. A snow-dusted artificial Christmas tree can be paired with silky white socks for a winning combination.

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