How to style a bedside table like a pro

The bedside table is an essential feature of any bedroom. It is so important that its style is often ignored. Any piece of furniture can play a significant role in the design of a space, so it is essential to select a bedside table that enhances the theme.

You can use the expert’s bedside cabinet styling to improve your design.

Extend your Colour Palette

The bedside cabinets you select should match your room’s overall style and color palette. But don’t stop at that. Style your bedside tables with pieces that are an extension of the color scheme you have chosen.

That functionality is key when styling a bedside, but you can still maintain style. Choose a lamp made from materials used in the rest of the room if you want to light up the area. Choose colors that match other items to create a cohesive, calming environment.

Use Height

Using varying heights can create a more dynamic and engaging look than a flat, dull design. Look at the above image to see how Shalini’s team designed the main bedroom of the first London issue of Holiday House.

You can also use different heights to change the proportions of your bedside cabinets if you do not have enough space for multiple tables. Adding a tall, elegant bedside lamp to a small vase, miniature alarm clock, or bedside tray allows you to achieve three different heights without having the space overcrowded.

Personalize your Website

Your bedside cabinet will likely be the first thing to greet you in the morning when you awaken. The pieces you place on your bedside tables can help promote a good night’s rest and set the mood for your day. Adding a personal touch can make your bedside table decor more positive.

A mid-sized bedside cabinet can feature precious artwork or photos of your loved ones. A valet tray makes a great place to store sentimental trinkets and jewelry. You can also place a vase with your favorite flowers or a candle with your favorite scent on the bedside cabinet. Choose frames, colors, and materials that compliment your interior design and add a personal touch to the bedroom decor.

Keep it Simple

Less is more when it comes to the styling of your bedside cabinets. Over-styling a bedside cabinet can be appealing, especially if you want to make it more functional. Do not overcrowd the table. This can take away from your carefully selected design.

Choose a cabinet to provide extra storage and keep items out of sight if you fill your bedside table with books, phones, or headphones. You will have all the necessary functionality and space without compromising the design. You can use the top of your cabinet to display decorative items; hidden storage will give you extra space.

Use Subtle Symmetry

It can be stunning to style two cabinets the same and place them on either side of your bed. However, aiming for perfect harmony may be unrealistic. Focus on subtle symmetry instead when styling bedside cabinetry. Matching accents or colors can create a cohesive look, and using the same material to enhance each cabinet will ensure that the features complement each other and the other pieces in the space. Using twin frames or lamps can create a symmetrical look or a mirror-image style.

Add Depth

It’s okay to place a bedside cabinet directly against the wall. It can be striking to move the cabinet away from a wall and use additional features for depth. You can make the most of the space behind a bedside cabinet that does not have extra storage by placing artwork.

A large piece that frames a table and its contents can do double duty, adding height and depth to the interior design. This can be a fantastic way to create a custom look with complementary color themes.

Choose pieces with different finishes and textures to add depth. Combining a metallic bowl with a ceramic or stone lamp can create a stunning aesthetic. Using different textures will increase the depth and impact of the design.

Soften the Space

There are many other options than the square or rectangular bedside cabinet. A circular bedside cabinet or one with curved legs can add an exciting dimension to the room and soften it. The furniture in bedrooms is usually angular. However, this area allows you to incorporate different shapes and styles easily.

The Finishing Touches for Your Bedroom Design

Remember to consider the challenges that this area can present. Bedside tables are often located in small spaces and must combine form and functionality to be effective and enhance your decor.

You’ll need to be creative and think outside the box when you style your bedside cabinets. You can make your bedside cabinets a focal point of your room and give it the finishing touch you want.

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