How To Mount A Shade Sail

Where to install a shade sail? The choice of the area!

Installing a shade sail is possible almost anywhere!

Sails can be used to cover small spaces of just a few square feet or larger areas by using compositions, tiles, and overlapping for unique effects!

You will see graphic representations of only a few of the infinite possibilities for installation.

Where to anchor the edges of the sail? Tips and tricks.

Once we have decided on the area that will be covered, we can identify the anchor points on all of the edges of the sailing.

You have many options here, such as anchoring the sail to an existing structure (wall-poles) if it is able to withstand the drag force of the shade sail or using poles to support playground shade sails.

Provide one corner lower than the other corners; This allows rainwater to drain away properly. We recommend that the flap be tilted by 25.

Tension the fabrics evenly by applying the same force on all corners.

It is important to ensure that the sails are properly tensioned in order to achieve optimal performance with regard to wind, rain, and hail resistance.

A well-stretched sailing has the following advantages:

  • Better wind resistance
  • No water pockets are formed
  • Less risk of tear
  • Cleaner aesthetic result
  • better water drainage
  • There are many more

How to affix your shade sail.

We will now examine the different accessories that can be used to anchor our shade or waterproof sails according to the surface you have.

You can use the special plates included in our kit to anchor your shade sail, depending on the size of your space.

You can also use our support rods. They are specially designed for a sturdy and professional fixation of sail tents.

Distances and position of fixing points.

It is easy to understand the distances between an anchorage and a sail corner!

It is recommended that you lay the garden sail down on the ground in order to find the anchors. The anchors should be located while respecting the continuity of the diagonals.

This tool will enable us to tension fabric correctly and achieve a perfect aesthetic result.

In addition to the size and shape of the sail, an additional distance of between 1 ft and 3 ft should be allowed to the corner of the sail from the fixing point. This will allow you to place the attachment accessories. (We recommend the Muscle x3 System).

Mounting plates with wall kit.

The wall anchor is made of plates that are available in stainless steel or galvanized and equipped with eyelets to connect the corner sail.

Here are the four steps to install the wall plate.

1 .drilling the wall

Find the fixing points on the wall and drill them with an O12 drill bit.

2. Chemical Anchor

Apply the chemical anchor using the appropriate gun to the dust in the holes.

3 . Threaded rods

Insert M10x12 rods into the holes and allow them to stand for 30 minutes.

4 . Place the plate

Fix the nuts to the rods and then lay the plate.

Installation instructions for assembling the poles of shade sails.

A plinth or a cemented surface capable of withstanding the tension produced by the sail should be used to plan the placement of the pole.

We recommend that if a plinth is being built, it should be 25″x25″x25″ (or bigger).

The three types of fixings are concrete slabs, perimeter walls, and reinforced concrete.

1. Reinforced concrete

The concrete should be at least 6 inches thick.

2. Concrete plinth

Concrete plinth at least 25″x25″,

3. Perimeter Walls

Perimeter walls must be sturdy and at least 18 inches high.

Mounting pole with ground basis.

Installation of the base onto the concrete plinth, or reinforced concrete, consists of eight steps.

This is a guide that will take you through the steps.

1. Locate position

Find the attachment points by orienting the pole towards the center of the sail.

2. Drilling the Well

Drill concrete manholes with O14 drill bits.

3* Chemical Anchor

Fill the holes with a chemical anchor.

4. Threaded rods

Insert M12x13 threaded bars and allow them to stand for 30 minutes.

5. Screw base

Place the rods on the threaded rods, and then tighten all four nuts.

6. Eyebolt and Muscle (x3)

Attach the Muscle x3 tensioning kits to the eyebolts.

7. Cap

Attach the cap to the nut by tightening two screws and threading in 2 T-nuts.

8. Pole assembly

Follow the instructions to finish the pole assembly.

Mounting the pole on perimeter walls.

No base is necessary to install the pole vertically on a wall. However, a system known as a “wall collar” will be required.

This installation is the same as the previous one. Only the position of the fixing differs.

1. Locate position

Fix the points.

2. Drilling the well

Drill the perimeter walls with an O14 drill bit.

3. Chemical anchor

Fill the holes with chemical anchor.

4. Threaded rods

Insert M12x13 threaded bars and allow them to stand for 30 minutes.

Removal and conservation.

Sails may be removed at anytime. This operation is simple and takes only a few minutes.

To store the shade sail, you will need to remove all the anchors from the shade sail.


You can clean shade sails with mild soaps. Leave the detergent for a couple of minutes and then thoroughly rinse. You can use very soft brushes to remove stains and halos.

Finally, we can enjoy a space that is protected from the sun and weather without sacrificing style or originality.

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