How to elevate your home with Art that will never go out of style

Using Art can be a way to move up in life. It’s like feeling like an adult when you invest in something that’s not a thumb-tacked poster from a college bookstore. I am an art collector!

As our tastes in art change, so do the price tags for fine Art. Avant-garde galleries are chic and often come with a brilliant price tag. Original Art can cost upwards of six figures and is only sometimes affordable. ).

How can you achieve gallery-worthy Art on a tight budget? Six design experts were asked for advice, tricks, and unusual hacks on achieving an investment-worthy art look with a tight budget.

You don’t have to limit what Art can be considered.

Jessica Nickerson is a DIY expert, author, and consultant in design. She doesn’t pick up a paintbrush, but she does create Art.

Nickerson states, “Unexpected everyday items can be transformed into large-scale, budget-friendly art with a little imagination.” I did a makeover of a half-bathroom. I wrapped a sizeable secondhand canvas around a shower curtain for a modern and updated look. Then I “framed” it with stained lattice pieces from the hardware store.

“I have also used an old door and weave rug from Facebook Marketplace to make affordable wall art. A woven carpet is better for large-scale Art than an antique door. You can get so many textures and characters. You will need a rug measuring 5×8 feet. Then attach the carpet with nails to a 1×4 wood piece screwed to the wall.

Look for original oil paintings on sites like Etsy.

Hannah Hamburger is a DIY and design expert. Her stunning Art has a timeless look and is often original. She said, “I love searching for oil paintings on Etsy to buy original art on a tight budget.” Shipping is often free, even if the order is international. So make sure to expand your search beyond U.S. sellers. Paintings are unique and can be purchased for as low as a few hundred dollars, often less than $100. While landscapes and still-life paintings are always winners, I love portraits. Your Art will be unique if you frame it with thrifted or custom framing.

Find Motivated Sellers

Kevin Billings of Dexter and Plaid Interior Design Co. uses stunning vintage paintings in his designs. These include oil paintings and portraits that tell stories, mainly when grouped on eye-catching gallery walls. But he doesn’t pay premium prices.

“Finding vintage artwork has become almost a full-time job. It’s such a thrilling experience. Thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace are my primary sources. Facebook Marketplace is the best place to get the best deals as people try to sell items quickly and want to make them affordable. You can also ship items, so you have more options to find art pieces outside of your local area. While I would love to have more money in the future, I am happy searching for the best deals now.

Frame Book Pages in Affordable Frames

Dana Dore is a New Jersey-based blogger who is a multi-hyphenate designer. She advises being creative with the frames you choose. You can find old coffee table books at a thrift shop or sale. Then, browse Etsy. Remember, Art doesn’t always have to be traditional.

Dore states, “Craft shops, Target, Walmart, and others all offer affordable frames.” Filling the frames using old book pages or downloadable printables (from Etsy) is cost-effective and can be used for consistent or themed Art. There are many options for where to source frames in different sizes. There are many options for cheap frames, including flea markets and Facebook Marketplace.

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