How to create ambient lighting in a bar or restaurant

Understanding the rules for lighting in bars and restaurants is crucial to creating the perfect mood. Lighting is just as important as architectural design in determining the atmosphere of a business. Ambient lighting can set the mood of your restaurant or bar and influence your customers’ experience. Here are some tips for creating ambient lighting in your bar or restaurant.

Design your bar or restaurant with lighting at the center.

Lighting is not something that should be left to the last minute. Lighting should be a part of building design and every room, influencing every design decision. It will not only affect how your restaurant or bar will be lit, but it will also affect other logistical decisions, such as the location of electrical outlets and seating arrangements.

If you’re looking for a uniform look, choose lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and specialty lights that will blend in right from the start. You can check out our Chakra Riverside Restaurant as an example. By adding bright orbs on the ceiling and hanging lights in certain areas, we were able to diffuse the lighting throughout the entire dining room. It ensures that each table is adequately lit without being overpowering.

Use natural light as much as you can… or go bright.

It is essential to know how to use natural light to your advantage. Natural lighting is always better than artificial lighting, enhancing the atmosphere of your bar or restaurant. Keep the lighting fixtures minimal, and place your most essential tables close to windows. We used this approach when designing the lighting at the Chakra Restaurant in Kensington. We set the booths next to large windows and hung pendant lights above smaller tables.

If you don’t have this option, then consider bright white lighting. It is beneficial for food preparation areas and kitchens, as well as anywhere you wish to display food. Bright lighting is a must for bars and restaurants that have open kitchens. Proper lighting in the kitchen should allow chefs to see their work at all times. It can improve kitchen safety and performance when done correctly.

Highlight the Things You Want to Show off

Direct lighting is the way to go when you want to draw attention to specific areas. Natural lighting is best used for displaying foods, like salad bars and products you wish to sell. Always choose colors that match the decor and ambiance of your home.

Accent lights and direct lighting can be used to draw attention to architectural details and decorative elements. Large lighting arrays and natural lights will draw people to a bar, while leaving it dark will keep them away. This is evident in the Decorex Champagne Bar. The red and brilliant chandelier behind the bar is the room’s focal point. It invites people to come in and catches the attention of everyone.

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