All homeowners, general contractors, and business owners will need an electrician at some point. While there are many great electricians in our area to choose from, you should keep in mind a few important factors when selecting the right person for the job.

License and Insurance
Before they arrive on a job, it is important to check if the electrician is insured, licensed and bonded. You will be protected from unnecessary costs if something goes wrong, and the electrician will have the necessary training to do safe and effective work.

You can be sure that the contractor who you hire has completed the required courses and practical experience to do the job safely and correctly. Check that the license you are checking is up-to-date and covers the work you require.

A Good Price
In this case, the cheapest offer may not be your best option. Ask three or four electricians for detailed, itemized estimates on the work you want done. You should also check if the quote includes materials and whether or not there is a call out charge. Remember that the price is not always the most important factor. Find an electrician in Auckland or company that will guarantee their work and correct any work which may not meet standard.

Industry Experience
When it comes to electricians, one size does not fit all. There may be electricians with additional training or qualifications in certain areas of electrical work. Some may even hold specific accreditations. Consider how long the electrician has worked in his field and if possible, discuss previous projects.

You may know someone who worked with an electrician before. They can give you a recommendation. You can also check online reviews or local business directories to see what they do. Some electricians will also have references from satisfied clients. The quality of the work is often directly related to a good reputation.

It can be stressful to complete a project involving electrical work. Nobody wants to work with someone who has a bad attitude, or doesn’t communicate well. Be sure to note the person’s professionalism, and how quickly they make a decision. Miscommunication can lead to unexpected problems.


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