Home Painting Ideas, Tips and Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter

A. The Top Reasons to Hire Professional Painters

The easiest and simplest way to transform the appearance of your home is to change its paint color. The wall color of a room is the foundation for your interior design. Are you looking for a new color to paint your room? The hard part is over. Do you hire a professional or paint your home?

Painting yourself is a great way to get your message across. It’s cheaper. It’s also a great way to get a workout in. It’s a great way to boast to your neighbors that you painted it all yourself. These are all great benefits. However, it is also a good idea to hire a professional artist. These are the Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Professional Painter.

It’s great to be able say that you painted the house yourself. However, professional house painters in Auckland can do it perfectly. A professional does this every day. A professional can properly prep your walls and determine which paints are best for what areas of your home. Did you know that there are certain paints that you should use in your bathroom and kitchen? They are mildew-resistant. Paint will last for longer if it is properly prepared and used correctly.

Professional painters produce a perfect final product. Professional painters know where to tape and which tape to use with what paint. A professional painters has years of experience in cutting. This is when you paint the exact surface you want, such as the wall from the ceiling to the floor. They won’t leave marks on your walls or make runs.


Although it may seem like you can paint your living room in a weekend, did you consider the amount of work involved? How many windows, corners and other details will you need to trim? A professional can probably complete the job in a few days. What might take you a week could be done in a matter of days. Professionals will finish the job in the time allocated and leave no loose ends. i.e. I will get those spots fixed up eventually.


Professionals are called professionals for a reason. They know how to use the tools and have the system in place to complete the task. You can count on them dedicating whole work days to your project until the end. A professional company may also be able to allocate additional resources for larger projects.

The right equipment

All types of painting can be done by a painter with the right tools. They are skilled in using the equipment. They are experts in choosing the right brushes and rollers for different paint types. You can also get high-quality drop clothing to protect your home. When you do your own painting, it can quickly add up in terms of equipment costs.


This is a crucial step in choosing the right company or person to paint your house. Ask them whether they are insured and licensed to perform the task. A licensed professional can fix any problems that may arise and will cover the additional costs. A licensed professional will ensure that the job is done properly. If the job is not done to your satisfaction, a licensed professional will fix it. If there is a safety incident at your house, a licensed professional’s insurance will cover it.

National Association of Remodeling Industry is a great place to look for a licensed professional. You can find a complete list of their licensed members.

B. How to choose the right color for your interior design?

It’s easier than you think to choose interior paint colors

It is easy to pick the right interior paint colors by choosing colors that you are passionate about. You don’t have to stick with the standard color schemes when you choose the colors you love. You can create a color scheme using your favorite color as the base color. You can use your favorite colors as inspiration to create a new color scheme.

Inspiration for Paint Colors

The best source of inspiration for decorating has always been magazines and catalogs. There are thousands of ideas on the internet, which is a blessing. While retail sites are great for inspiration, sites from paint companies can help you to incorporate color into your home. Pinterest and Instagram are great for sharing color inspiration, which is updated in real-time. Pinterest is great for creating inspiration boards to inspire you with your favorite ideas so that you can store all of your ideas in one place.

Use Neutral Paint Colors to Get Creative

You don’t have to choose neutral colors. You can make your neutral colors pop by using creative color combinations. A striped wall with neutral colors can add style to a space while still keeping it relaxed. A neutral wall color and a pastel ceiling are a clever way to inject color into a space without compromising the tranquility.

Get your Paint Color from a Print

A print fabric is a great way to pick interior paint colors. You can find paint color ideas in throw pillows, bedding, and table linens. For accent walls, choose the most bold colors. You can choose a more subtle paint color or one that will suit a larger area by looking at the details of the print fabric. You can take a fabric sample to the paint shop so that you can view paint strips at home.

Choose a lighter or darker shade

Sometimes, all it takes to find the perfect interior paint color is a little tweaking. Consider changing to a lighter or darker color of the same paint color before you make rash decisions. You can find many paint colors on a paint strip in gradual colours, but your paint store will also be able to customize it with percentages of different shades.

Before you commit, test your paint colors

This is an important rule that must be followed. Every paint color that you are considering should be tested. You must get it right the first time, even if you’re committing hours and gallons of paint to your project. This step is crucial. You can see stacks upon stacks of paint containers at the back of the store. These are paints that have been returned by people who didn’t take the time to test it first. Don’t be one.

Use a Color Consultant

A color consultant can help you choose the right interior paint colors if you are looking for a new color scheme. A color consultant can help you choose the right color scheme for your home, and even provide samples of paint colors.

C. Effective Home Painting Techniques

Let’s look at some helpful tips:

Paint in the dry months

Humidity can lead to drips, which can make the paint dry slowly. Don’t try to paint when it rains. If you have to paint during a humid period, take your time and make sure to use the slow drying paint to correct any mistakes before moving on to the next layer.

Perform a thorough inspection and prepare

Before applying new paint, make sure you inspect cracked, flaking or peeling areas. If you don’t, the new coat will pull away the old paint. Experts say that you will waste your time and money by not addressing it first. Also, be aware of greasy areas. They may require a little soap and water to wash off.

Sponging painting

In fact, sponge or sponge painting can be used to create lively textures and depth to interior walls. This technique is best used by a home painter who uses two shades of the same color. It is usually done by using a sponge to stamp or press the color(s), onto the walls.

Color washing

Color washing is a tried and true painting technique. This technique requires base colors. A dry brush is required to color wash walls. You should also ensure that you color wash the walls using gentle, sweeping strokes.

Paint rolling

You can paint your interiors with paint rolling. To make your job easier and more efficient, you can use a sloped tray and primer. You should pay attention to the handle and fabric when choosing a paint roller. The paint rolling technique gives you a uniform, perfect finish.

D. Deciding when to paint a home’s interior

Several factors will influence your decision to paint the inside of your home. If you see multiple signs that your interior is in dire need of attention, it’s time to get fresh paint applied as soon as you can.

Here are a few reasons why you might need to paint your interior.

Age of the House

It really matters how old the house is. Older homes were often painted in old colors, which may not have been as popular today. Older paints don’t have the same life expectancy as modern paints. This means that peeling, spotting, and fading are more common.

Redecorate your home

It can be boring to live in the same home for many years, and see the same wall every day. You can redecorate your home with the wide range of vibrant colors and textures that are available today.

New furniture for the home

You can use the purchase of new furniture to make your living space look completely new. Choose colors that match the furniture’s colors and mood.

Home for sale

You might decide to paint the house anew after selling a home. This will make it more attractive to potential buyers.

These are the most popular interior home paint colors for this year Here are the top interior paint colors for this year.

Caviar Black

“Caviar” is a black on the edge of charcoal. It goes well with dark greys and doesn’t stand out too much against furniture in darker shades.

Statement Turquoise

This vibrant color is sure to make a statement on the wall. This bold color can be used as an accent wall in a bedroom or used to re-paint entire interior spaces.

Vibrant and Deep Red

This is the color Benjamin Moore chose as their color of year. This beautiful shade of red is meant to stand out. However, an accent wall in this fiery hue can be used to energize and harmonize spaces.

Shades Of Purple

Pantone named this color the 2018 Ultra Violet Color Of The Year. This deep, thoughtful purple color adds energy to any space and gives it depth. Are you a fan of a bold, all-purple scheme? You might prefer to play with accessories for your home. This is the shade you should choose.

Black as a Statement Color

There is no doubt that all-black rooms are a favorite of many people. This 2018 trend in black color will give you the most stylish and sophisticated look. Trendir recommends that black be considered a neutral color, as it can go with almost any theme or color palette. A black floor can be paired with a black chandelier. Black is another way to bring out dramatic moments in your interior.

Minimalist Pastels

A white or black interior will always shine. 2018 will see a shift to soft pastels, such as sandy pinks and mint greens, that are gentler and more minimalistic. This will completely rebrand the simple, modern design not only for this year but also for years to follow.

Pink as A Power Color

Pink is almost no longer associated with gender. Although pink was once considered a girl’s colour, it has recently been able to invoke so many emotions that anyone (not just girls) can relate, from joy and lust. This makes it the ideal mood-enhancing paint color.

Whatever color you choose to paint your interior home, make sure it conveys a message about the room and create the perfect interior design.

F. Using Environmentally Friendly Paint in Your Home

It takes careful and thoughtful decisions to transform a space into an oasis. Whether we realize it or not, the products we bring into our homes have an impact on our quality life. This is true for food, clothing, and air. This last one may seem strange, but it is true. Indoors, nearly 80% indoors is not safe for the planet or people. Toxic interior paints can cause many common illnesses that can be fatal to us and our loved ones, including furry and four-legged relatives.

What makes paint eco-friendly and sustainable?

A paint, finish, or lacquer that is eco-friendly can mean that it does not contain any airborne chemicals or gases that could cause harm to your health. These low-level toxic substances are known as Volatile Organic Compounds. They can leach into the air and cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and visual and respiratory impairment, and even memory loss.

VOCs can have a dramatic effect on indoor air quality. Studies show that VOCs can be up to 1,000 times more dangerous when you are stripping paint in a home.

You can take control of your home and do more than simply plant a few plants. Are you ready for a new start? These are the top eco-friendly options to paint your space.

1. The Real Milk Paint Co.

It is healthier than oil-based or water-based paints and is therefore a more healthy alternative. It is made from milk protein. You can mix it with water, or you can buy it ready-to-use in liquid form. There are many great colors available at the Real Milk Paint Co.

2. Earth Pigments

Alternatives to traditional paints include plant-based and mineral pigments, which are sustainable harvested from the earth. Although this is a more labor-intensive process, you can still achieve great results by mixing the pigments with other materials. Earth Pigments offer a variety of rich colors and earth tones, including sienna, ocher and cyprus.

3. Bioshield

This company is eco-friendly and offers a range of solvent-free, low-VOC paints that can be used for interior and exterior wall finishes, as well as wood stains. You can see all their options here.

4. Sherwin-Williams Harmony

Sherwin Williams Harmony is completely free from VOCs, and their innovative technology can purify your home’s indoor air by reducing harmful emissions from other household products.

5. Benjamin Moore Natura

Benjamin Moore’s Natura collection is a zero-VOCs line of paint. It is allergy and asthma-friendly and comes in nearly every finish!

6. Ecos Paint

The environmentally-friendly Ecos Paint is entirely free of VOCs and offers a colorful selection of organic paints for interior and exterior walls.

7. Behr

Behr’s Premium Plus eco-friendly paints are low in VOC and can be used as primer and paint.

8. Earth Safe Finishes

Earth Safe Finishes is proudly American-made. They offer safe paints that have zero VOC and are time-saving. One-coat matte paint for easy space improvement.

G. Make these mistakes when choosing a paint color for your home

Some design rules can be modified easily, so they are flexible. Others are more rigid and difficult to follow. There are some guidelines to help you make the right choice when choosing the color for your home. It is sad to see that many people focus only on selecting the right color, but forget to consider how important it is to learn how to avoid making mistakes in choosing colors.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing a color for your home’s paint.

Do Not Pick Your Paint Color First

You will have difficulty finding the right items to match if you choose the paint color first. You want to look at all of the elements and fabrics in the space before you pick the paint color. You must consider both the effects of artificial and natural light. A single color may not look the same at different times of the day. Choose a color that is appealing both night and day. Plan the space and then select the paint that will support it. Your color ideas can be influenced by fabrics.

Don’t choose a color too bright or too saturated for your space

Bright cobalt blue can look trendy as a ceramic lamp. It has a sheen and is very fashionable. But, if you place the same bright color on the walls, it will be stronger. It is better to choose lighter colors than strong, bright colors. You should wrap your furniture in neutral tones, or even white, if the walls seem bright. The focal point of your home should be decided. If the focal point is the wall color, then everything should support it and not compete with it.

Remember to consider the whole house when choosing color

Even in a small apartment, it can be difficult to transition colors from one room into the next. It doesn’t flow well when there’s bright orange in one area and bright pink elsewhere. You can bring the spaces together with other items.

Don’t lose sight of your emotional goal

People believe that if they love red, it is okay to paint their bedroom walls that color. They really wanted a space that was relaxing and calm.

Don’t ignore Trends

For the past decade, bright colors have been in fashion but they are slowly waning. Now, we see softer colors returning to fashion. This includes muted tones and more black with metallic accents. Hot orange and painted lacquer furniture are very popular. Many of the items that people used over the years are now too visible.

These mistakes can be avoided and could prove to be very beneficial. It will help you know what to avoid when choosing paint colors.

Home Style and Faux Painting

One way to improve the atmosphere and aesthetics of a building is by painting. A particular house can be made more stylish and elegant by using a faux painting technique like Faux painting. A residence with faux painting will be distinctive from the rest of the buildings in the area. To achieve the desired effect, faux painting uses several techniques.

The most common faux technique to add visual appeal to any space is painting stripe. You can create stripes using painter’s or masking tapes. You can adjust the spacing between the tapes to alter the width of the stripes. Taping takes a lot of time and effort. However, the results will be well worth it once the painting is done.

You apply a color to the surface and then sponge another color. There will be different outcomes depending on the type of sponge used, how wet the sponge is with paint and how the sponge blends with it. In sponge painting, there are two methods. The sponge can be used to create a texture and subtler look by sponging the glaze onto the surface with a roller. You can use faux method glaze and latex semi-gloss paint as both a starting and finishing color.


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