Gifts for the person who has it all

Everybody has that special person on their gift-giving wish list. The one. You know the one. We’re here to help you instead of worrying while you scroll endlessly online, or spend hours wandering the mall.

Comfortable floor chairs

While you cannot buy inner peace for someone, you can make their meditation practice more enjoyable. This set includes a floor mat and a round meditation cushion, which is perfect for yin yoga, quiet reflection, or manifesting success .

Keep your feet toasty warm by using this method

Do you love someone who spends a lot of time at their desk? It’s more than a thoughtful gift that makes someone’s home more comfortable . It’s also practical. This tiny foot heater is small enough to fit under a desk. It automatically turns off after eight hours of continuous use, making it safe and cozy.

These bookmarks will turn the page

Do you know a book-lover who is always in search of a new book? You can share your favourite words with them by giving them a gift. A book copy of your favorite book is a great gift. It’s tangible and meaningful. You can elevate the gift by adding a beautifully etched bookmark. Bonus points if the bookmark is placed on a page that you find particularly meaningful.

Tarot cards for connecting with

You are looking for a unique gift idea for someone who has it all? This deck of tarot cards is not only beautiful, but also includes a guidebook that will help beginners understand the symbolism behind each card.

A custom travel map

A map of the globe is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to travel. But a map that can be personalized over time is even better. This map is stunning as statement-making wall artwork, but it also serves as a unique tribute to the owner’s travels. To reveal the different colours of each country visited, simply scratch it. This will create a permanent record of the gift receiver’s wanderlust.

A simple art project for beginners

Do you have a friend who is a do-it-all and couldn’t get enough stress-reducing adult coloring books from a few years back? You could give them an arts and crafts project that is just as relaxing, but more artistic. The paint-by-numbers kit allows them to express their artistic side and create a whimsical, purr-fect cat painting.

Fashionistas will love this clip

A fashionable accessory that is affordable and of the moment can be embraced by someone who has everything, or anyone with a love for fashion trends is a great choice. Our gift-ready choice? Our gift-ready pick?

For the cheese lover, something cheesy

Charcuterie boards are a popular trend. They’re tasty, easy to make and look great. You can find a gift that will elevate the charcuterie skills of a friend by shopping for them. This cheese tray features pull-out drawers and a removable stone slate. It also includes a variety of fancy little serving knives.

This is the perfect way to get some beauty sleep

No matter how many possessions you have, if you are sleeping deprived you will not be able to thrive. This is why a gift that makes falling asleep easier is always a winning gift. This silk sleep mask is not only luxurious, but it also blocks out light to help you get better zzzs.

A beautiful plant mister for the green thumb

Have a plant-loving friend? A stylish and useful plant mister will improve their watering skills. The ceramic beauty has a two-tone glaze that gives it a modern look. The spray pump is easy to use and keeps plants from becoming too thirsty.

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