Fall Decor Ideas for the Season

When the weather cools, we love to cuddle in front of the fireplace. It doesn’t matter if you spend so much time around the fireplace. Why not make it festive? Your living room’s focal point is the mantel. This should be your starting point for decorating your home in the fall.

These are our top picks for decorating your fireplace’s mantel in fall, regardless of whether you’re looking to be a ghost or ghoul for Halloween.

Embrace Simplicity

This vignette will welcome in fall with an arrangement that can be kept up throughout the year. This charming mantel design is great for keeping up through the seasons. The orange pops give it an autumnal feel.

To add warmth to your home, choose prints with brown, rust, or orange hints.

You can try a monochrome look

If you don’t want too much to decorate for the holidays, a simple color scheme is the best. This simple white pumpkin display welcomes fall without clashing with your decor.

Layer Artwork

A few art frames can be a great way to fill up a mantel. A simple leaf print can add warmth to a fall mantel. You can pair it with faux rust-colored flowers (faux is okay!) To complete the look, you can add faux flowers (faux is fine!)

Decorate with Old Books

You can feel warm and autumnal in worn, vintage books. To give your home a cozy feel, fill your mantel with vintage novels. To keep the stack in order, use amber bottles with dried flowers filled with flowers to act as bookends.

Garland to fill the mantel

Garland is a classic way to decorate mantels. However, you don’t need to wait for the Christmas holidays to use this look. To fill an empty mantel, add dried leaves and greenery. This will give your living space a crisp, fall feel. To keep the garland in place, use brass candles or other items.

Pumpkins that will not rot

These velvet pumpkins are great for decorating in the fall. They also add texture to your mantel, giving it a warm feel.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Although a mantel can be a wonderful place to bloom, you have fewer options for fresh flowers when the air becomes crisper. You can save money by buying dried flowers in muted fall colors like sage, brown, and beige instead of buying fresh flowers.

Mix textures

Mixing textures will give your focal point an interesting look this fall. The leather garland gives off major autumnal vibes thanks to its colors and shapes and adds warmth.

Candles are essential!

We can’t help but light candles every evening when the temperature drops. Light a few candles to add warmth and fall-themed scents to the mantel.

Buy Large Blooms

Vintage bottles and vases are great for storing dried grasses and flowers. You can decorate your mantel with dried coral grass, button flowers, and pampas.

Subtlety is the Way to Go

Sometimes, the most elegant fall decor is simple. Keep it simple with just a few brass or rust-colored vases this season. A few strands of eucalyptus will add just enough color to fill the mantel.

Layer mirrors

This seasonal look is a great way to hang a mirror above a mantel. For lots of visual interest, layer a few vintage mirrors. For the perfect fall look, layer a few vintage mirrors.

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