DIY Tips: How to clean leather sofas

A leather sofa can make a space feel more spacious. We spend a lot of time choosing the right piece for our homes. There are many things to consider, from quality and durability to beauty and comfort. Great aesthetics come with great responsibility. Although leather sofas are the most popular, they can be easily scratched and damaged. They can still last a lifetime if they are treated properly.

This is a complete guide for cleaning leather lounges.

DIY Home Tip: Clean leather sofas with water and white vinegar

Combine equal parts white vinegar and water.

Use a soft muslin towel to wipe the surface.

Before allowing the sofa to age, wipe it with a clean towel. Finally, use a soft muslin cloth to wipe the entire length.

This will bring back the original shine to your sofa.

DIY Home Tip: Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Leather Sofas

Rub rubbing alcohol onto a muslin cloth to remove mould and the fungus.

To remove ink stains, use a paper towel to absorb ink. Next, gently rub the stain with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Before you go for the spot, test the alcohol in a discrete area to ensure it is compatible with the leather’s finish.

DIY Home Tip: Olive oil and Vinegar to Clean Leather Sofas

Use vinegar to clean the area. Let it dry, and then use a soft cloth dipped in olive oil to cover it.

A block of mild hand soap or dish soap block can be used with warm water. This works well for dust and dirt.

DIY Home Tip: Use Flaxseed oil and vinegar to clean leather sofas

Make a mixture of 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts flaxseed oils.

Before applying the mixture to the surface, shake it well.

Allow the solution to sit for 12 hours, then clean the sofa with a dry cloth.

Here are some DIY home tips for cleaning leather sofas

Leather can fade if exposed to the sun.

Avoid leather near air conditioners as cold air can dry leather and cause cracks.

Make sure to address any spills, stains or mishaps immediately. Please do not allow the leather to soak in the substance before trying to salvage it.

To deep clean your sofa every few months, you should seek professional help.

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