Bathroom lighting: The three layers that every space requires

Many types of bathroom lighting are available, including traditional wall lights and statement chandeliers, as well as practical floor washers or recessed designs. However, it isn’t easy to find the right type to illuminate your space.

Bathroom lighting solutions are functionally illuminated and provide the space with the necessary atmosphere. It is more challenging to choose fixtures in this space than in other rooms due to the humidity.

There is a simple formula for choosing the right combination of bathroom lighting your space requires: ceiling lighting + task lighting. Find the best bathroom lighting options below, regardless of whether you want to brighten your primary bath or family room.

The bathroom used to be a functional space. But today, it is a place that offers relaxation and illumination.

“Regarding bathroom lighting, we use layered lighting with dimming controls. This allows for sufficient task lighting, but also gives the option to reduce the level to create a more relaxing environment,” says Sophie Stevens, Creative Director of SGS Design Ltd (opens in new tab). “Ceiling recessed lighting is used to wash light down walls. Wall lights on either side will evenly illuminate the face from both directions, essential for making-up applications.

Bathroom ceiling lighting is an excellent way of adding texture and dimension to your bathroom design. Katie Davis, the founder of Katie Davis Design, says that the right pendant can make your space stand out and elevate it.

The central pendant light’s role is to provide ambient lighting. It can’t offer task lighting by itself. Therefore, it must be complemented with wall lighting or downlighters (see below).

Below are more details about bulbs. However, your central lighting source must have a warm LED light bulb. This will ensure the room feels welcoming and friendly even when used alone. Remember that the shade’s color and material can affect the light temperature and color.

You don’t have to be extravagant in your bathroom. Bathroom chandelier ideas are a great way to elevate any bathroom.

Lighting has a tremendous impact on the interior of your home. Designing lighting that compliments these schemes and pushes the boundaries is a popular trend in bathrooms.

Although chandeliers don’t have to be as big as the one above, they require more space than other pendant lights. On average, the central pendant must be at least half a foot higher than the head of the tallest member of the household. They are well-suited for larger bathrooms. Because the bulbs are exposed, they can also emit a lot of ambient light, making them great for brightening dark bathrooms.

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