Bathroom countertops: The pros and cons of different materials

Bathroom countertop materials must resist regular drenchings, just like in the kitchen. They must withstand scratches from knives but must be strong enough to withstand everything, from makeup to nail varnish remover drops.

There are many bathroom countertop options available to fit any budget and style. This expert-led advice will allow you to indulge in your bathroom countertop designs and understand all the pitfalls and benefits of your chosen material.

We have compiled a list of the most popular surfaces that combine elegance and functionality.

Bathroom surfaces must be both practical and attractive. This is especially true for countertops that are likely to get sprayed with water.

You can achieve a luxurious look with natural stone, such as granite or marble.

Marble bathroom designs are the most popular way to use natural stone for a bathroom countertop. Its beautiful colors and elegant veining makes a small bathroom appear larger, brighter, and more beautifully designed.

“Marble is perhaps the most luxurious ingredient in a bathroom,” says interior designer Samantha Todhunter (opens in new tab). It can be bold or simple, depending on your chosen stone, and it’s an instant elevator.

Granite is another option, which is highly durable; soapstone which is non-porous and therefore an excellent choice; or tough slate.

Natural stones and marble, especially, are more porous than others and must be sealed. They also require regular care and maintenance. An artificial surface might be better for you if the occasional mark is not noticeable.

Natural stone is also more expensive than other materials for bathroom countertops.

This artificial stone is composed of about 90% quartz and resin. It is strong, durable, and water-resistant.

Quartz is ideal for areas with wet surfaces, such as backsplashes and basin countertops.

You can also find it in various colors and designs, including marble, natural stone, and concrete effects. These are designed to give you the best of the real thing and high performance.

Concrete is an excellent choice for bathroom countertops if you are looking for durability and a modern look

Concrete is beautiful and robust. It can be finished in many colors, including highly polished or flecked with glass.

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