Barnwood Accent Wall Ideas That We Want to Copy

A barnwood accent wall is one of the best ways to inject an eclectic farmhouse feel into your home. These accent walls are made of reclaimed wood, real or fake. They add character and warmth to any space. Mimi Meacham, Marian Louise Design says that barn wood accents and barn wood walls are a great way to give your home a rustic, authentic look. They add charm and style to your home and are easy to maintain.

This design element has a crucial ingredient: the natural wood look, which can be achieved using wood planks. We gathered some inspiration and ideas about barnwood accent walls. Plus, we asked interior designers to share their tips on creating the look. Below are our top barnwood accent wall ideas.

Create a Faux Headboard

No headboard? No headboard? A barnwood accent wall can be placed behind the bed to ground a neutral white space. The accent wall is made from unfinished pine, giving the area a natural feel. The accent wall shines and drops the room, leaving the decor bright and white.

Embrace Diagonals

Although you have probably seen barnwood accent walls installed vertically, it is possible to do something else and place the planks at an angle. This horse-stable-turned-home by Ashley Montgomery Design gets a unique kitchen accent with this chevron barn wood wall.

Add it to a bathroom.

Let go of what you think you know and embrace wood. A pocket door can double as an accent wall and play on the cabinets to tie the space together. This is a great way to warm up a farmhouse en-suite.

Make a bold backdrop.

Barnwood walls can come in many colors and patterns, depending on your preference. Like the rustic bedroom, dark wood is a great choice to create a dramatic backdrop.

Reclaimed wood is a great option.

You can mix and match the modernity of a contemporary bathroom with worn, weathered wood. These planks give the space an aged, elegant look that instantly makes it feel more welcoming and less formal.

Vertical Planks are the best option.

The barn wood wall can be transformed by playing with planks. You can place large planks vertically on the wall if you have long ones. This will give the fence the appearance of a tree. This creates an outdoorsy feel that can be complemented with wooden wall hooks or other accessories.

Create Contrast

Barnwood accent walls are an excellent choice for a natural color palette. The wall behind the four-post bed subtly contrasts the rest of the room and adds a refined feeling of coziness.

You can think outside the box.

Amy Leferink, the interior designer, says, “Try using barnwood accent walls in a very unusual way and place-like we did in this shower with porcelain tile that looks barnwood.” It adds interest and design impact simply and timelessly. Its contrast against the white, clean palette is a great feature. It adds just enough color and dimension without being too overpowering.

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