6 Shades of Moody Glam

We become darker, moodier, and more dramatic. It’s not just because the summer is over. Moody glam is a visual delight that resonates all year round. We introduce you to our favorite shades of the season: Caviar Black or Emerald Green.

Caviar Black

Caviar Black is one of the most anticipated colors of 2019. Its masculine luxury hypnotizes. It is a shade that sits on the edge of charcoal and allows for more monochrome arrangements, like this Chelsea home.

The spiral staircase has softened the sharp edges and precision of the marble tiles.

Theatrical experience at your doorstep? Caviar Black will make your guests feel welcome in an impressive way. Hallways are more than just a place to transition. You can let them speak for themselves. If a four-wall makeover is too overwhelming, try reversing the pattern. Set the walls in light with a few charcoal accents scattered around.

Caviar black is often a sexy color, whether intentional or not. The Chelsea apartment is a testament to this: sleek Carlo di Carli leather chairs in black flirt with a playful, modular dining table made of solid bronze and mahogany. Golden-yellow plush velvet drapes have been used to break up the metallic finish.

Mauve Purple

Hot Millennial Pink is no longer in fashion. Mauve Purple is the new, most alluring shade. This pensive color will make you feel moody. Like in this Mayfair apartment, add gilded screens to the partitions for depth and resonance. The accumulation of layers and materials here allows for boldness and vibrancy.

Truffle Brown

Truffle season may last only from late October to December, but this shade is a favorite in interiors throughout the year. Truffle Brown is an excellent color for statement lighting or cowhide rugs.

It’s how our eyes work: we perceive color as a reflection of light from an object’s surface. The color of an object is not intrinsic. It is created by combining red, green, and blue. Blue is indeed a unique color. Undoubtedly, designers are determined to extract and name its ever-evolving hues. It takes an experienced eye to distinguish between Midnight Blue, Ink Blue, and Sapphire Blue.

In this Hampstead Place restaurant, the challenge of finding the perfect shade depth was well worth it. Watch a series of Midnight Blue bids dance elegantly around the dining table.

That’s an exciting combination. A geometric sofa set in the deepest shade of sapphire, which is almost luminous, stands out against a mahogany high gloss wall. This Eaton Place marvel is a texture wonder. Add white marble and sumptuous Velvet to the mix, and you can’t compete.

Deep Turquoise

The classic combination of turquoise and copper-gold will always bring back memories of sun-kissed Caribbean moments. It is a fact that turquoise will continue to amaze us with its new color schemes. We are going back to the glamorous days of Havana. The redwood-and-cream floor mosaics and patinated brass mirrors are still reminiscent of the old tales about rum and salsa.

Want more drama? Go darker and deeper with geometric black and gold accents. This luminous turquoise powder bathroom is both austere and cozy. Ovals and rectangles are in harmony.

In Indian culture, turquoise represents Vishuddha – the fifth chakra, or spiritual power, within the body. It is also a symbol of self-expression, truth, and creativity. This trio sums up Shalini’s latest commercial venture. Chakra is a newly renovated Kensington restaurant that brings creativity and authenticity. The space has been transformed with the help of a 360-degree bronze mirror wall, deep turquoise, and the concept Navaratna – a Sanskrit term for “nine gemstones.” These include Ruby, Pearls, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphires, Diamonds, Blue Sapphires, Hessonite, and Cat’s Eye.

Emerald Green

Did you know that green is the color of harmony? It’s not just a matter of feeling collected. The interior of our home is the first step. Why not bring in a touch of royal luxury? The only result is Emerald Green.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of emerald fertility. This spectacular drawing room is a great place to spend a moment and recognize nature’s power like an emerald.

Emerald Green was designed to be noticed. It’s not as loudly announcing its presence as some of its Hot Millennial cousins. Instead, it hypnotizes. This Mayfair apartment is an excellent example of the depth of this bold but dignified color. Accents of green are scattered throughout with panache.

Finally, we’ll look back at this summer’s exotic adventures. This time, tropical luxe gets a moody makeover. Dim the lights to create a feeling of eternity. Try ochre or orpiment. After all, these are the oldest colors used by humans.

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