5 Perfect Outdoor Tables for Stone Patios

People used to gather around a fire to eat in the past.

As societies developed, outdoor fire pits were converted into ovens in the kitchen, and families and friends began to gather around the kitchen table.

Tables became the focal point of attention at any gathering or space. The stone patio is no exception. Your outdoor table is the most important piece of furniture on your stone patio. It will be the centerpiece of the patio and set the tone for all the furniture.

We can see how overwhelming it can seem to narrow down the options.

How do you select the right table for your stone patio?

We are glad that you asked. This article will outline the five options for tables that are ideal for different stone patios.

Tips to buy an outdoor table

Before you invest in an outdoor table, here are some things to consider.

  • What are your needs? How often is the table used? What number of people will you be seated around the table? Do you plan to clean it often or are you more likely to use it less frequently?
  • Location –Is there a section of your patio that is covered? Or will it be open to the elements, like rain or sun? It must be strong enough to withstand any damage from the environment. You should also consider the weather conditions in your area. Is it very hot, humid, or wet? These factors will influence whether a table with metal, timber or glass finishings is better.
  • Your indoor design style If you want to create a seamless transition from your indoor and outdoor aesthetics we suggest that you consider the style of your living room and replicate it in your patio. If you want to make the spaces different, you can choose to design them with contrasting aesthetics.

Different types of tables to use on your stone patio

It will be easier to choose the right table for your stone patio once you have answered all of these questions. You will find five main styles to choose from, each with their own unique features and benefits.


Glass tables are classic, timeless and minimalistic. They make a great choice for outdoor patios. They are stylish and iconic but also have the advantage of being strong. The glass’ thickness means that hot items can be placed on the tabletop safely without worrying about scorch marks. Glass can also withstand heat and cold, as well as other environmental factors such heavy rain. A glass table can be a great option for small courtyards.


Wooden tables can be used in a variety of styles, from rustic to modern, and they are timeless. They are strong and durable and will withstand the test of time. However, they require more tender love and care than other materials. Timber’s overall appearance and shine will be affected by the elements, such as water and humidity. To preserve its original beauty, it is recommended that wooden tables be repolished every so often. Timber is porous and is more susceptible to scratching and absorbs liquids. Wine spillages are a particular concern. Make sure to clean up any wine spillages as soon as possible. Use a wooden board or coaster to protect the table’s wood surface from scorch marks caused by hot items.


Stone tables are timeless, elegant and sleek. Natural outdoor stone tables in sydney are best for patios that are resistant to extreme weather conditions such as direct sunlight, water exposure, humidity, and extreme weather. Because of their large appearance, natural stone tables look great in larger spaces. Stone is a heavy material that requires extreme care when moving it around or transporting it. If you plan to change the setting of your patio frequently, we recommend that you hire professional removalists who are skilled in moving stone tables.


Metal is the best choice if you want an outdoor table that can be used in many different settings. Metal is strong and can withstand most weather conditions. Metal is strong and can withstand most weather conditions. However, it should be avoided when placing a metal table on a patio without a cover. Metal can rust over time if it is exposed to moisture and constant rain. A table made from aluminium will prevent rust.


People have less time to maintain their gardens and homes due to modern living which places more pressure, stress and pressure on families. Plastic outdoor furniture is becoming more popular because it requires little maintenance. Plastic outdoor tables are a great example of this: they come in many beautiful and contemporary designs, can be cleaned easily with a cloth, and are portable if you need to redecorate. They can also withstand all weather conditions.

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