Paint your house can make a new space feel more like home. What can you do once you begin the process of painting an interior house? From choosing the colors to prepping and painting the walls.

Check out the four best tips and tricks used by commercial painters in auckland to get the job right every time.

1.) Press Tape To Prevent Bleeding.

It’s a terrible feeling to finish a painting job and then peel off the tape only to find that paint has bled in places where the seal was not achieved. Use a scraper or putty blade to create a seal and prevent paint from leaking through.

Use blue painter’s tape over masking to achieve a painting tip. Blue painter’s tape is much easier to remove than masking tape, which can leave a sticky residue (especially in hot weather).

2.) Sand Away Rough Spots.

It’s best to begin painting the walls with a smooth surface. Use sandpaper on any ridges, nail holes, or spackle that are not flattened.

Sanding not only smooths out your walls or trim but also takes away any rough patches. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when sanding. You can end up damaging the wall.

3.) The Floor Can Be Saved By Using Canvas Drop Cloths.

Use canvas drop cloths instead of plastic or old sheets to protect your floors from paint. You don’t have to use a large cloth unless you are painting the ceiling. Get a cloth that extends the entire length of the surface you are painting.

Paint that falls on to cloth dries much faster than paint that falls upon plastic. Paint that falls on fabric won’t splatter, and it will dry much faster than paint that falls onto plastic.

4.) The Tinted Primer Works Wonders.

Professionals prefer tinted primer to plain white in order to avoid flashing, which is a problem where the paint appears flat and dull. Tinted primer is better at covering existing colors than regular primer and requires fewer coats.

It is especially true for colors that are bright, like orange, yellow, or red. They can require as many as three coats of paint to achieve the best results without primer.

What are your tips and tricks to ensure that your home looks as if it was painted professionally? 

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